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Fromm P329 Battery-Run Poly Strapping Tool

Fromm P329 Battery Run Poly Strapping Tool

The Fromm P329 is a tough, battery-powered strapping tool for 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch poly straps. It has been tested for its speed and convenience. Weighing just over 9 pounds, it is easy to carry around the workspace, thus increasing portability and productivity.

Configuration & Applications

The strapping tool is powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery and features a new brushless motor. The combination allows operators to achieve high level of power / performance efficiency.

The tool is capable of banding round, small and irregular shaped packages. It has a new single base that allows it to squeeze into tighter spaces without getting stuck. With other strapping machines, operators are always getting into trouble when it comes to removing the tool. The revamped design allows the base to slide out of the most difficult spots and makes banding convenient than causing any hindrances.

Technical Specs

The main technical specifications of the P329 are as following:

  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.2 pounds)
  • Strapping Type: Polypropylene or polyester
  • Strapping Size: 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch
  • Peak Tensioning: 900 lbs
  • Seal Type: Friction weld

The tool runs on 18V Li-ion battery (4 Ah or 5 Ah).

The new design of the tool also does away with the lever found in its previous versions. Pressing the tension button will pull the strap tight. When the button is released at the set tension, the tool will weld and cut automatically.


  • The P329 has been designed for improving ease of use for the operator.
  • It helps protect the user from making mistakes when banding.
  • The Fromm battery strapping tool helps in achieving peak joint efficiency of up to 90%. It helps ensure that the weld is reliability strong. With this tool, the weld is no longer the weakest spot on the strapping.
  • The welding is controlled by a better and more efficient motor. Operators can remain assured that the weld has cooled down before they can remove the tool.
  • The single base design allows easier tool removal after the seal.

Overall, the Fromm P329 helps in saving time and improving efficiency in a wide range of industrial strapping applications. This lightweight, battery powered, efficient strapping tool works as the ideal all in one bander that can be used in different work environments for high level of productivity. The unique battery-motor combination also helps increase its lifespan over the previous models.