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A483- Pneumatic Steel Strapping Pusher Tool

Fromm tools are very popular around the world and many of its tools find a standard place in many industries for their quality and efficiency. One such quality tool is the A483, the pneumatic pusher tool for steel strapping. Even though many industries are doing away with steel strapping, industries who use steel strapping for many of their strapping work, use tools like A483 which are easier to use and more efficient.

The A483 is largely used in heavy metal industries and comes in two models. It is used with 1 ¼” wide steel straps and is very efficient even while being used to work in continuous working conditions. It is a high performance machine for the steel and non-ferrous industries to use.

The A483 provides a perfect double notch seal in just the touch of a button. This tool is ideal to strap coils, tubes and rods in any position as it can be fitted with four different suspension brackets. It is also very easy to operate the tool as the feedwheel does the work automatically. When the steel strapping is inserted into the tool the feedwheel lifts pneumatically and there is no need for any operator effort.

The tool has proved to be highly reliable and even though it is a very heavy tool, it takes to continuous operation without any glitch.


  • Strap Qualities:  High tensile strapping (Ultraflex)
  • Strap Dimensions:  25.0 – 32.0 x 0.80 – 1.00 mm.  1 1/4″ x .031″- .040″
  • Sealing Type:  1.25 Inch Push Seal
  • Weight:  18.0kg / 39.7 pounds

Many industries are switching over to battery operated tools as they are considered faster and more efficient. With pneumatic tools, there are air lines running all over the work room floor, hindering the flow of work. Many pneumatic tools are also heavy and operators get tired easily operating these tools. However, Fromm tools are easy to operate. All tools from Fromm come with a comprehensive operations and safety manual.

Some of the better options for strapping tools are the Grip Pack 114 sealer and the Grip Pack 114 tensioner which are light in weight and also eliminate the use of pneumatic air lines. They also run on 18V lithium ion batteries from Bosch.

Industry experts recommend A483 as the best push style tool for high tensile strapping. Allstrap also has high opinion on this tool and recommend it for use on heavy and large loads. Though it is very heavy it holds up well.