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Freight Essentials: Strapping

What is Strapping, and why is it important to your business? If you find yourself thinking about this, you’ve come to the right place. All Strap can help you with the resources you need for all of your shipping and commerce needs by offering bulk freight shipping products like strapping, tensioners, and accessories to help with streamlining all of your freight shipments so that your business can be as productive as possible.


Strapping can be manufactured in many different materials. The most common material, as well as the oldest, is steel strapping. Steel strapping has tried and true methods of strapping and tensioning which have been used for over 50 years. It can be used for heavy industrial type jobs like holding barrels together for shipping, binding brick, cement, or other building materials. You will even find steel strapping in the construction of buildings, bridges, piers, homes, and other structures. Metal strapping comes in, not only steel, but galvanized, stainless, epoxy steel, and other specialties. Nylon is common after steel in that it is just as strong, and can be used in a variety of applications. Cord strapping is a lighter duty alternative, and polypropylene is a cost effective, self welding type of strapping which is more modern, used in packaging of lighter duty goods, as well as boxed goods.


No matter the type of shipping your business does, if you are shipping pallets of goods anywhere in the world, strapping is one of those simple necessities which is so very important in commerce and trade because it helps protect shipments so there is a reduced possibility of damage to the products. In-tact products arriving at their destination, of course, means you can keep costs down, and that is always good for your business. For all of your shipping and strapping needs, depend on All Strap to offer materials in one convenient location online.


Strapping, An Important Part of Shipping

What is strapping? For businesses with shipping needs for large quantities of raw materials, manufactured goods, textiles, containers, building materials, heavy equipment, you name it, All Strap can cover all of your strapping needs, and can be found with a few clicks all in one convenient location online. So, what is strapping? Strapping is a part of shipping that seems so exceedingly simple that it may be something that is overlooked by the average consumer, but when you work in an industry which does a lot of heavy shipping, strapping is really an essential part of every day commerce.

Strapping is manufactured in many different forms for a variety of usages and applications. Most commonly, it’s used to hold together large pallets full of goods to be shipped. If your company ships multiple sets of items in large shipments anywhere that requires bundling, binding, or mass freight, you’ll need to know about strapping. All Strap has many products available in many different materials to help with your strapping and shipping needs, as well as accessories to accommodate. Straps are manufactured in steel, stainless, nylon, polypropylene, cord, and other materials to suit the needs of the business and the products being shipped. Along with strapping, many techniques are used to tense and bind the straps, which are very important to the shipping process as well. Straps can be manually ratcheted by means of a tension tool, or there are automated, battery operated tools available as well. There are, of course, differences in tension methods, depending on the size of the strapping job, and materials used. Businesses are encouraged to use whatever method is most economical for the shipments. Hand tensioning is fine for companies who don’t ship often, but for those who have frequent or large shipments, it is usually wise to invest in a quality automated tensioning tool to increase efficiency of strapping and shipping.

Whatever your strapping and shipping needs, All Strap is ready when you are!

1.25 Inch Push Seal

Strapping: A Simple, but Essential Product for Today’s Commerce

If you’re trying to find out what is strapping, exactly, and why it is so important to have quality strapping as an essential part of your project, you need look no further than Allstrap. Strapping can be used in a vast array of applications, such as building and construction where steel strapping can be used to hold down trusses to the foundation. Polypropylene, also referred to as poly, is fairly inexpensive as compared to other materials, and can be used for packing and shipping, transport of bulk boxes of goods, and applications such as pallet stacks. To get a better idea from a smaller perspective, woven nylon is one example of a strap that many every-day consumers are familiar with, such as the straps used to hold that new mattress to the top of a small car. On a larger commercial scale, though, there are many needs for this type of, seemingly simple, invention.

Strapping is pretty essential to businesses which ship often, or ship mass quantities of goods. Many different materials are used for the manufacture of the straps. They can be made of steel, polypropylene, stainless, nylon, polyester, woven or bonded cord, or other strong materials, and they have many different uses. Mass shipments using multiple boxes often will be held together with straps and clamps, as well as a final few layers of stretch film so that the boxes will stay tightly sealed and together. In construction, metal strapping is often used in galvanized or stainless to hold wood supports to a concrete foundation when making the framework of a building. Builders use this for added support for residential wood-framed ‘tract’ homes as a standard in construction today.

Companies like Allstrap specialize in stocking all types of strapping and accessories like clamps, ties, and corner protectors to offer for sale, and a variety of products to meet large or smaller scale needs, and products are readily available for online procurement. What is strapping will be simple and easy to discover.

1.25 Inch x .031 Inch High Tensile Steel Strapping