Fromm P329 Battery-Run Poly Strapping Tool

Fromm P329 Battery Run Poly Strapping Tool

The Fromm P329 is a tough, battery-powered strapping tool for 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch poly straps. It has been tested for its speed and convenience. Weighing just over 9 pounds, it is easy to carry around the workspace, thus increasing portability and productivity.

Configuration & Applications

The strapping tool is powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery and features a new brushless motor. The combination allows operators to achieve high level of power / performance efficiency.

The tool is capable of banding round, small and irregular shaped packages. It has a new single base that allows it to squeeze into tighter spaces without getting stuck. With other strapping machines, operators are always getting into trouble when it comes to removing the tool. The revamped design allows the base to slide out of the most difficult spots and makes banding convenient than causing any hindrances.

Technical Specs

The main technical specifications of the P329 are as following:

  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.2 pounds)
  • Strapping Type: Polypropylene or polyester
  • Strapping Size: 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch
  • Peak Tensioning: 900 lbs
  • Seal Type: Friction weld

The tool runs on 18V Li-ion battery (4 Ah or 5 Ah).

The new design of the tool also does away with the lever found in its previous versions. Pressing the tension button will pull the strap tight. When the button is released at the set tension, the tool will weld and cut automatically.


  • The P329 has been designed for improving ease of use for the operator.
  • It helps protect the user from making mistakes when banding.
  • The Fromm battery strapping tool helps in achieving peak joint efficiency of up to 90%. It helps ensure that the weld is reliability strong. With this tool, the weld is no longer the weakest spot on the strapping.
  • The welding is controlled by a better and more efficient motor. Operators can remain assured that the weld has cooled down before they can remove the tool.
  • The single base design allows easier tool removal after the seal.

Overall, the Fromm P329 helps in saving time and improving efficiency in a wide range of industrial strapping applications. This lightweight, battery powered, efficient strapping tool works as the ideal all in one bander that can be used in different work environments for high level of productivity. The unique battery-motor combination also helps increase its lifespan over the previous models.

PNSC-2 – The Best Strapping Solution for Round Packages

When it comes to advanced packaging systems, Signode has a proven track record of offering hi-tech plastic and steel strapping solutions. Their PNSC products deserve special mention because of proven designs and power-packed performance. No wonder these products have turned out to be best sellers in the Signode family.

A latest addition to this category is PNSC-2. This pneumatic push-type combination steel strapping tool is designed to fulfill strapping requirements of round or irregular shaped bundles. While there are many other tools which serve the same purpose, this device has been particularly noted for its reliability, durability, flexibility and simple operation. By purchasing the device you need not worry about continuous repair or maintenance costs.

Specifications of PNSC-2

It is designed to be used with Signode’s Apex plus or Magnus steel straps. While the Apex regular duty strap is best suited for standard applications, the Magnus is designed to handle more demanding applications where high impact resistance is needed.

Strap dimension varies between 12.7mm x 0.38mm to 19mm x 0.64mm

Push type seal is used and single reverse notch joint is provided

Weight of the machine is around 9.5 lbs.

The machine can apply up to 700 lbs of tension. However, with high tension model it can be enhanced to 1,000 lbs for 3/4″ strapping.

Beneficial features of PNSC-2

Extremely lightweight yet highly powerful is what best defines this particular pneumatic strapping tool. Being a one-handed tool, it is very easy to operate. Then perfect ergonomics of the tool makes it a well balanced one, thus relieving the operator of extreme fatigue. This helps minimize manpower while maximizing efficiency. Two buttons operate the device which automatically speeds up cycle time. While the machine provides two strap loading it is quite easy to remove the strap after cycling. In spite of its extreme lightweight this pneumatic tool is designed robustly with high quality materials. This means minimum wear and tear, least damage which in turn implies spending little money on maintenance. This device can be applied on bundled tubes, irregular or round shaped loads.

With time, strapping solutions have evolved, PNSC-2 being a perfect example. Compact, lightweight and sturdy, this strapping device is a real wonder to work with.

What is steel strapping made out of?

In the early 20th century it was common for steel service centers to make their own steel strapping. The early steel strapping was ugly! It was made from whatever was scrapped from slitting, making it all over the map on tensile strength. Early steel strapping was made of hot or cold rolled steel. Today every American manufacturer make it from a cold rolled low carbon steel. Cold rolled makes it stronger, much stronger then hot band. Today the edges are deburred, and then high tensile strapping is heat treated. The strapping passes through a lead pot to get it to a consistent temperature, then annealed. Finally it gets a paint (black is standard, but blue is frequently available). In Asian markets, green steel strapping is often used. Then the strapping goes through a wax. It is coiled on a 16″ ID x 3″ tall core, and stacked 12/pallet. Some strapping is ribbon wound, and on 1 1/4″ size, gets put up 20-24/skid depending on manufacturer.  Some straps get printed with a rail road approval number, like AAR58.  See this site for AAR steel strapping (click link).

Importance of Protecting Shipments

Why is strapping so important to shipments of goods, and what is strapping useful for in other applications? This is where All Strap can help out. In order to have a smooth running business, no matter what the product, every product or service available to the business is essential. For businesses who specialize in manufacturing products or sending out materials in large freight shipments, strapping can be easily overlooked, but is an essential part of commerce which involves getting goods from point a to point b, and sometimes beyond. Without strapping, how would a large stack of lumber, bricks, or boxes stay put on the truck or barge? Simply put, strapping keeps things together, and when shipments all stay together because the correct methods of binding and strapping are used, that’s always good for business.

Strapping from All Strap is easy to procure, as it’s sold in bulk, along with other shipping essentials such as strap tensioners, seals buckles, hand tools, automated hand tools for strapping and tensioning, tools for metal strapping, and other accessories such as strap dispensers. All of these materials for shipping, along with all types of strapping are available in one convenient location online at All Strap.

Many different types of strapping and shipping materials are available, such as polyester strapping which can be used for lighter duty applications, and nylon strapping with its growing versatility can be used in both heavy duty commercial shipments and shipments which require a softer material. Steel strapping is one of the oldest used and proven materials to bind rough industrial type materials because it is extremely strong. Woven cord strapping is a very economical method when shipping lighter goods. There are specialty strapping materials available as well for jobs which require bindings such as zinc epoxy, coated, or punched steel.

CC89 1 Inch Composite Cord Strapping

Types of Strapping

Businesses ship out goods every day, and All Strap, specializing in a variety of types of strapping, can help by providing all of the materials your company will need to get your goods out the door to your consumers. What is strapping, and what is the big deal about using strapping for your shipments? Well, strapping is a tool which companies who ship bulk goods use to bind large shipments together, hold materials to flat bed trucks, and hold raw materials together to provide stability in shipments so that there will be very little to no movement or shifting when a large pallet of stacked materials is shipped long distances, and by a variety of transport.

There are different types of strapping to suit the needs of the business and match the product which is being shipped. Some guidelines to keep in mind are: Are you shipping hard, tough materials such as bricks or lumber, steel, barrels, spools, cement blocks, logs, or rock? Or, are you shipping goods which need more protection like plastics, manufactured goods which need to be boxed, textiles, finished building materials, dry goods, perishables, or anything else your company may ship which needs to be protected from damage?

For the harder materials which don’t require boxing and can stand up to elements, high tensile steel strapping is a good choice, and in colder climates nylon may be used as a substitute for the steel. Both of these materials are extremely strong. There are different tensioning methods for pulling taught the different types of strapping, and All Strap has hand tensioners, pneumatic tools, hand tools, multi purpose tensioning and cutting tools, sealers, and automated tools to suit all types of strapping. So, no matter the shipping job, you’ll find necessary tools and information conveniently at All Strap.

ACWCD .75 Inch

Strapping Solutions for Freight

What is Strapping, and how can All Strap provide solutions for shipping freight? Strapping is the binding which holds large freight shipments together, and is often overlooked by companies who are newer to shipping freight. Small single-box shipments don’t usually need strapping, but when individual boxes or items need to be stacked and packaged to create a freight shipment, Strapping becomes a very important part of every day commerce. When shipments are strapped correctly, goods are able to retain much more value in that items will not shift or move, thus reducing breakage and loss.

Strapping comes in many different materials such as galvanized metal, high tensile steel, center punched steel, zinc epoxy,  and softer materials such as nylon, polyester, and woven cord. Straps are tensioned, either by hand or by means of automated tools to tighten and bring everything together, and seals, clamps, or welds are placed to hold the straps tight.

When you take time to gather information, you will find that strapping has more uses than just binding shipments. It can be used to hold down building materials in the construction of houses, stores, arenas, any structure which needs to be secured to a slab or other foundation. Strapping also is used in weatherproofing applications, as well as large loads to be secured on flatbed trucks. On the other end of the spectrum, softer materials such as nylon used in strapping can even be used in the manufacture of household goods, furniture, safety belts, and more.

Really, strapping has so many uses beyond just binding and shipping, and for all of your requirements for shipping, construction, manufacture, or whatever your company needs in strapping, you will find the right materials to quickly and conveniently meet your shipping or construction, weatherproofing or travel. Whatever your strapping  needs, you will find the right materials at All Strap.



Optimize Freight Shipments

All Strap is one of the leading sources for strapping and shipping supplies online where you can find out what is strapping, and be informed about the different types of strapping used for shipping and commerce for businesses. Strapping can be used for many different applications from shipping to construction, and comes in a variety of different types to cater to any individual business’ supply needs for the load or project at hand.

Different types of projects require different strapping solutions, for example, if a business has the need to ship large stacks of pre-poured concrete, mouldings, brick, cement, steel I beams, rebar, wood, other construction materials, or anything that is tough, high tensile steel strapping would be recommended. But, if boxed goods are waiting to be stacked on a pallet and shipped out, the type of strapping used should be just as strong, but of a softer material such as nylon, polyester, or woven cord strapping so as to not damage the items to be shipped. Each type of strapping has specific methods of binding and tensioning, as well as sealing methods which are tailored to the strapping material at hand. Tools for hand tensioning are available for those who ship large pallets of goods every so often, while automated tools are recommended for those who have a need to frequently ship freight. There are special tools and spools for steel strapping as well, and buckles for the different types of nylon or cord strapping.

It’s always best to be educated on the type of shipping and strapping products a company will need for the goods which will be shipping out, because making the right choice will mean cost efficiency in the big picture. So, when it comes to strapping, companies can look to All Strap for a variety of affordable strapping solutions.

CC65 .75 Inch Composite Cord Strap

Strapping: The Binding of Freight

Do you have a business which ships, and are you asking yourself what is strapping and why is it important to know the right type of strapping? All Strap can help answer your questions all about strapping and the different types that will be beneficial for your business’ shipping needs.  If you do any kind of large shipments at all, you know the importance of proper stacking, binding, and strapping. You know the importance of protecting your shipments so that they arrive in-tact and ready for your consumer on the other end. Strapping is an important pary to your shipment, possibly one of the most important. There are options you will need to know about with certain types of strapping, whether you are shipping heavy loads, raw materials, bulk boxed goods, hard materials, or soft goods, it will be important to choose the correct type of shipping materials and strapping.

Strapping is just as it sounds: the binding which holds the entire shipment together to prevent shifting and movement of shipped goods. When all of your shipped goods arrive in great condition because you used the correct binding and strapping, and the correct tools, you business saves money on shipping. Companies like All Strap can help save you time and money because shipping supplies, strapping and tools are all available online in one convenient place. You will find steel strapping, stainless, poly strapping, cord, specialty strapping such as zinc epoxy and center punched steel. You will also find manual and automatic tensioning tools, all-in-one tools for tensioning, cutting, and sealing, and you will find a variety of ties, seals, protective products, and specialty accessories for strapping and binding when you take a look at the inventory at All Strap.

With the know-how and information on where to obtain all of your shipping products, including the ever-important strapping tailored to your individual business needs, you will be able to save time and money so you can focus on your product.

66WXL .75 Inch Woven Cord

Freight Essentials: Strapping

What is Strapping, and why is it important to your business? If you find yourself thinking about this, you’ve come to the right place. All Strap can help you with the resources you need for all of your shipping and commerce needs by offering bulk freight shipping products like strapping, tensioners, and accessories to help with streamlining all of your freight shipments so that your business can be as productive as possible.


Strapping can be manufactured in many different materials. The most common material, as well as the oldest, is steel strapping. Steel strapping has tried and true methods of strapping and tensioning which have been used for over 50 years. It can be used for heavy industrial type jobs like holding barrels together for shipping, binding brick, cement, or other building materials. You will even find steel strapping in the construction of buildings, bridges, piers, homes, and other structures. Metal strapping comes in, not only steel, but galvanized, stainless, epoxy steel, and other specialties. Nylon is common after steel in that it is just as strong, and can be used in a variety of applications. Cord strapping is a lighter duty alternative, and polypropylene is a cost effective, self welding type of strapping which is more modern, used in packaging of lighter duty goods, as well as boxed goods.


No matter the type of shipping your business does, if you are shipping pallets of goods anywhere in the world, strapping is one of those simple necessities which is so very important in commerce and trade because it helps protect shipments so there is a reduced possibility of damage to the products. In-tact products arriving at their destination, of course, means you can keep costs down, and that is always good for your business. For all of your shipping and strapping needs, depend on All Strap to offer materials in one convenient location online.


Strapping, An Important Part of Shipping

What is strapping? For businesses with shipping needs for large quantities of raw materials, manufactured goods, textiles, containers, building materials, heavy equipment, you name it, All Strap can cover all of your strapping needs, and can be found with a few clicks all in one convenient location online. So, what is strapping? Strapping is a part of shipping that seems so exceedingly simple that it may be something that is overlooked by the average consumer, but when you work in an industry which does a lot of heavy shipping, strapping is really an essential part of every day commerce.

Strapping is manufactured in many different forms for a variety of usages and applications. Most commonly, it’s used to hold together large pallets full of goods to be shipped. If your company ships multiple sets of items in large shipments anywhere that requires bundling, binding, or mass freight, you’ll need to know about strapping. All Strap has many products available in many different materials to help with your strapping and shipping needs, as well as accessories to accommodate. Straps are manufactured in steel, stainless, nylon, polypropylene, cord, and other materials to suit the needs of the business and the products being shipped. Along with strapping, many techniques are used to tense and bind the straps, which are very important to the shipping process as well. Straps can be manually ratcheted by means of a tension tool, or there are automated, battery operated tools available as well. There are, of course, differences in tension methods, depending on the size of the strapping job, and materials used. Businesses are encouraged to use whatever method is most economical for the shipments. Hand tensioning is fine for companies who don’t ship often, but for those who have frequent or large shipments, it is usually wise to invest in a quality automated tensioning tool to increase efficiency of strapping and shipping.

Whatever your strapping and shipping needs, All Strap is ready when you are!

1.25 Inch Push Seal