Types of Strapping

Businesses ship out goods every day, and All Strap, specializing in a variety of types of strapping, can help by providing all of the materials your company will need to get your goods out the door to your consumers. What is strapping, and what is the big deal about using strapping for your shipments? Well, strapping is a tool which companies who ship bulk goods use to bind large shipments together, hold materials to flat bed trucks, and hold raw materials together to provide stability in shipments so that there will be very little to no movement or shifting when a large pallet of stacked materials is shipped long distances, and by a variety of transport.

There are different types of strapping to suit the needs of the business and match the product which is being shipped. Some guidelines to keep in mind are: Are you shipping hard, tough materials such as bricks or lumber, steel, barrels, spools, cement blocks, logs, or rock? Or, are you shipping goods which need more protection like plastics, manufactured goods which need to be boxed, textiles, finished building materials, dry goods, perishables, or anything else your company may ship which needs to be protected from damage?

For the harder materials which don’t require boxing and can stand up to elements, high tensile steel strapping is a good choice, and in colder climates nylon may be used as a substitute for the steel. Both of these materials are extremely strong. There are different tensioning methods for pulling taught the different types of strapping, and All Strap has hand tensioners, pneumatic tools, hand tools, multi purpose tensioning and cutting tools, sealers, and automated tools to suit all types of strapping. So, no matter the shipping job, you’ll find necessary tools and information conveniently at All Strap.

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