Poly Strapping

Poly Strapping: Eco & Budget Friendly

Poly strapping has become a great substitute for steel strapping, as it is strong and lighter than steel strapping. Earlier, industries were relying only on steel strapping for packaging goods. With the arrival of poly strapping, industries have discovered that poly strapping is not only strong and light but also very durable and less expensive when compared to steel strapping.

Poly strapping has more advantages than any other kind of strapping. For one, it is manufactured using a very energy efficient manufacturing process. Secondly, using this strapping leads to lower operational costs.  Poly strapping may not be as durable as steel strapping if it is exposed to harsh surfaces.

There are quite a few advantages in using poly strapping. As it does not have sharp edges, packaging with it will not damage the goods and it remains safe during transit. It also has good recovery and elongation. Being cost effective, the industries prefer poly strapping to steel strapping, as steel strapping can be very expensive. Poly strapping can be used effectively with both battery operated and pneumatic tools. Poly strapping has good break strength.

There are not many disadvantages in using poly strapping. For example most goods can be packed using poly strapping, except for bricks, which may damage the strapping.

Poly strapping has been approved for the railroad and many industries from the lumber to paper industries, to supply chain and aluminum industries. Poly strapping is also easier to use than steel strapping and there is no risk of injury to the user. It can be used for any kind of application using the different types of tools available for each application. The poly strapping comes in various sizes of which, .625”x.035 is most commonly used. This strapping can be used with most tools and has break strength of about 600 pounds. It is a non-waxed strapping and heavy-duty applications use this strapping effectively.

Allstrap stocks different varieties of strapping in several sizes and widths. They also stock tools that can be used along with these strapping material. Industry users believe that poly strapping has increased productivity and has also proven to be cost effective.


What Is Poly Strapping?

Poly strapping is being talked about in the packaging industry as the best banding material for strength and durability. Presently, it has been considered to be the ideal substitute for steel strapping. Poly strapping scores over steel in many ways and it is available in a wide range of sizes and widths. It is also light in weight and there are several tools available in the market to use poly strapping for different types of applications.

Poly strapping has several advantages and a few disadvantages too. It is safer, faster to apply and inexpensive. Poly strapping is made using a manufacturing process which is very energy efficient. It also leads to very low operational costs. There are several easy to operate manual, pneumatic and battery operated tools that help in applications using poly strapping. They are very efficient and fast and provide tight strapping. This helps in the packaged goods reaching their destination safely.

However, many industries are still hesitant to switch over completely to poly strapping and they believe that steel strapping has greater strength. Though steel strapping is stronger, it does not weather the elements like poly strapping and rusts quickly leaving stains on the packaged goods. Also, because of steel’s sharp edges, the risk of injury to the worker is greater.

Poly strapping combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping in order to form a strong and resilient strapping material. As it is high tensile it can easily be a substitute for steel strapping in steel and metal industries and other industries where heavy duty bundling and palletizing are done on a large scale.

There are quite a few varieties of poly strapping.

There are high tensile poly strapping, embossed strapping for medium to heavy-duty strapping. All kinds of banding material are strong and using a good tool can strap effectively. Poly strapping has great elongation and recovery. It has also been approved for use in the railroad industry. It also has a good break strength.

A commonly used size of poly strapping is the .625 /.035. Industry experts believe that this a very strong and durable strapping. Allstrap stocks all kinds of strapping, strapping tools and other packaging material from well-known brands. As poly strapping is turning out to be very popular among many industries, it better to check out their wide variety. Using poly strapping can increase efficiency and productivity at a lesser cost.