PNSC-2 – The Best Strapping Solution for Round Packages

When it comes to advanced packaging systems, Signode has a proven track record of offering hi-tech plastic and steel strapping solutions. Their PNSC products deserve special mention because of proven designs and power-packed performance. No wonder these products have turned out to be best sellers in the Signode family.

A latest addition to this category is PNSC-2. This pneumatic push-type combination steel strapping tool is designed to fulfill strapping requirements of round or irregular shaped bundles. While there are many other tools which serve the same purpose, this device has been particularly noted for its reliability, durability, flexibility and simple operation. By purchasing the device you need not worry about continuous repair or maintenance costs.

Specifications of PNSC-2

It is designed to be used with Signode’s Apex plus or Magnus steel straps. While the Apex regular duty strap is best suited for standard applications, the Magnus is designed to handle more demanding applications where high impact resistance is needed.

Strap dimension varies between 12.7mm x 0.38mm to 19mm x 0.64mm

Push type seal is used and single reverse notch joint is provided

Weight of the machine is around 9.5 lbs.

The machine can apply up to 700 lbs of tension. However, with high tension model it can be enhanced to 1,000 lbs for 3/4″ strapping.

Beneficial features of PNSC-2

Extremely lightweight yet highly powerful is what best defines this particular pneumatic strapping tool. Being a one-handed tool, it is very easy to operate. Then perfect ergonomics of the tool makes it a well balanced one, thus relieving the operator of extreme fatigue. This helps minimize manpower while maximizing efficiency. Two buttons operate the device which automatically speeds up cycle time. While the machine provides two strap loading it is quite easy to remove the strap after cycling. In spite of its extreme lightweight this pneumatic tool is designed robustly with high quality materials. This means minimum wear and tear, least damage which in turn implies spending little money on maintenance. This device can be applied on bundled tubes, irregular or round shaped loads.

With time, strapping solutions have evolved, PNSC-2 being a perfect example. Compact, lightweight and sturdy, this strapping device is a real wonder to work with.