Steel Strapping

Quality Steel Strapping

Every industry transports packages on a regular basis, rely on quality steel strapping. Steel strapping is considered the most reliable and strong packaging material and many industries are still hesitant to switch over to alternate packaging materials. Steel strapping has evolved over the years and comes in a variety of sizes, lengths and widths.

Many industries like the timber industry, steel and alloy and oil refineries, use steel strapping on a regular basis. High tensile steel strapping is the most preferred strapping around the world. It is edged, painted black and waxed. Most of the time this kind of strapping is ribbon wound and this is largely used in the railroad industry, marked in white or embossed.

Customers get a wide range of choices to buy any size and width of heavy duty strapping and industry users consider that steel strapping is the best for working with hand tools, pneumatic tools and automatic equipment.


There are a few advantages to using steel strapping. They are:

  • Strong and Tensile
  • Pull a lot of tension
  • Good to use in rail roads


Disadvantages of using steel strapping outnumber the advantages.

  • Steel strapping has sharp edges
  • Risk of injury is more
  • Leaves rust marks on packages
  • Can cut through packages
  • It is more expensive than poly strapping

Though many industries continue using steel strapping many have decided to switch over to poly strapping which is equally stronger and very cost effective. Steel strapping began losing out to poly strapping not only because of higher cost, but because it has a tendency to rust.

Steel strapping is very expensive and some industries do not have the budget for it. Many industries are switching over to poly strapping due to this reason. Poly strapping is equally strong as steel and very cost effective. Industries have also found that poly strapping has increased productivity and with modern strapping tools work has become easier.

With steel strapping taking all the flak, stainless strapping was introduced. Stainless strapping though very good in terms of strength and durability is more expensive than steel strapping. The only advantage is that it does not rust. Industry experts believe that steel strapping is losing its popularity slowly and surely as it cannot weather the elements. As it leaves a scar on the package or cuts through the packing, it is not a much preferred packing material.



Stainless strapping

Stainless steel is high quality strapping that has been made in order to withstand the elements. This proves to be a great solution for heavy duty packaging. The advantage in using stainless strapping is that it has a great break strength. It does not corrode or come under the effect of harmful UV rays.

This stainless strapping has been designed specifically for fixing loose items and contains an alloy which is about 11% chromium. Due to this composition, the stainless steel is more resistant to rust.  It not only withstands elements but also is very durable and has minimal wear and tear. Stainless strapping is very strong and provides good tension to steel banding. Small scale applications benefit a lot from the high tensioning force and minimal maintenance.

Stainless strapping is used in civil engineering, telecom and petroleum industries and also in different non-commercial applications.


  • Great Break strength
  • Good tension
  • Low maintenance
  • Durability


  • High Cost
  • Rusting tendency

Stainless strapping is of three types. They are known as 201, 317 and 304. Of the three, 201 is the most popular as it has great elasticity. It achieves a great amount of tension and it is popular among the workmen too.

The 317 stainless strap is favored by many as it is corrosion free. But customers also fee that this strap is not worth it due to its high cost. Industries with bigger budgets can use this strap but small industries cannot think of using this due to high costs. The type 304 is however lesser in cost compared to the 317 and has a great break strength which is preferred by all.

Stainless strapping has smooth edges and has a great finish. However, the arrival of stainless strap has not reduced the need for steel straps. Even though they rust, there are many steel strapping enthusiasts who continue to use steel strapping. There are also some who do not wish to switch over to stainless strapping due to the high cost.