Signode Strapping Solutions

Get the Complete Packaging Solution with Signode Packaging Tools

Headquartered in Illinois in the United States of America, Signode Packaging Systems is a global leader providing protective package solutions. They have active distribution centers spread across America, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Signode Packaging manufactures a wide spectrum of products. These include plastic strapping, steel strapping, poly strapping battery tools,  manual tools and pneumatic tools for steel strap and poly strapping.

Further, the company is renowned for strong commitment to safety at the work place. All their products are produced adhering to the highest standards in the industry with extra measures taken to put safety and precaution over anything else. Customers are given exclusive “safety kits” that include training material on maintaining safety at the work place. Their teams also volunteer frequently in safety seminars, events and programs held across the world. Their goal is simple – “zero accidents companywide”!

As a company they have the highest intentions towards better upkeep of the environment around us. Their motto of “Go Green with Signode” re-iterates their firm commitment to the environment. They consciously use fewer materials for packaging, replacing thoughtless quantity with effective and high quality solutions, and consistently promote recycling materials in their products.

Theirs is a firm committed to research and development and aims to re-invent themselves constantly. They demonstrate this through their product line, frequently bringing out more innovative and effective solutions for use in the packaging industry. They partner with their customers to maximize efficiency and reduce cost of packaging operations. It is this attitude that has made them emerge as a global leader amongst the slew of packaging solutions available in the market today.

The popular products manufactured and distributed by Signode Packaging Systems include the newly introduced battery operated steel sealer (a first of its kind in the market), strapping machines, hand tools and other accessories for plastic and steel strapping.

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