Strapping Tools

BXT2-19-Fastest Strapping Tool 

The BXT2-19 is the fastest battery operated strapping tool from Signode. It is one among Signode’s BXT2 series, which are combination tools that use the lithium ion battery from Bosch. The BXT2-19 comes with 2 18V lithium batteries and a charger.

This series of light weight tools from Signode have received good reviews in the market for their efficiency.

The BXT2-19 is a light weight tool designed ergonomically to reduce operator fatigue. It has a light and regular tension adjustment and comes with two settings, semi automatic and automatic in a one button operation. Due to its brushless motor this tool is very durable and longer lasting. Its innovative battery design lessens contact damage.

As with all Signode tools, this tool also comes with a comprehensive safety and user manual. Though it is a relatively safe tool to use, wearing a safety goggles and gloves is imperative to handle this easy to operate tool. The BXT2-19 can run on 5/8″ or 3/4″ PET polyester strapping. Also, the guides can be changed to allow different width strapping.

The tool can be preset to the desired tension levels and automation would then pull the tension, then kicks right into weld and cut.  After the welding operation is over, the tool counts down to zero.  When it hits zero the tool beeps, and the weld has cooled in a very easy, and effective operation.

The BXT2-19 is far ahead of its competitors is due to its ergonomic design. Due to the mechanism it is considered the most balanced tool in the market. The tool is fitted with a tight grip and so the operator can be rest assured that it will not tip backwards or forwards during the tensioning and sealing operations. The tools in this series are ideal for difficult and tight strapping positions due to the small interface. The tool can also be operated upside down, horizontal or vertical depending on where the friction weld seal needs to be placed.

The advantage of the BXT2-19 is that it can be pre-programmed before each strapping series. It accommodates different load types like light duty to heavy duty and the tensioning force can be anywhere between 88 pounds to 880 pounds. There are minimal wear parts in this tool and the maintenance is very easy. This is a great tool to use and Allstrap recommends using the tools in this series.

The BXT2-19 is generally available rebuilt, please call Allstrap for rebuilt pricing and other repair enquiries.