Strapping Solutions for Freight

What is Strapping, and how can All Strap provide solutions for shipping freight? Strapping is the binding which holds large freight shipments together, and is often overlooked by companies who are newer to shipping freight. Small single-box shipments don’t usually need strapping, but when individual boxes or items need to be stacked and packaged to create a freight shipment, Strapping becomes a very important part of every day commerce. When shipments are strapped correctly, goods are able to retain much more value in that items will not shift or move, thus reducing breakage and loss.

Strapping comes in many different materials such as galvanized metal, high tensile steel, center punched steel, zinc epoxy,  and softer materials such as nylon, polyester, and woven cord. Straps are tensioned, either by hand or by means of automated tools to tighten and bring everything together, and seals, clamps, or welds are placed to hold the straps tight.

When you take time to gather information, you will find that strapping has more uses than just binding shipments. It can be used to hold down building materials in the construction of houses, stores, arenas, any structure which needs to be secured to a slab or other foundation. Strapping also is used in weatherproofing applications, as well as large loads to be secured on flatbed trucks. On the other end of the spectrum, softer materials such as nylon used in strapping can even be used in the manufacture of household goods, furniture, safety belts, and more.

Really, strapping has so many uses beyond just binding and shipping, and for all of your requirements for shipping, construction, manufacture, or whatever your company needs in strapping, you will find the right materials to quickly and conveniently meet your shipping or construction, weatherproofing or travel. Whatever your strapping  needs, you will find the right materials at All Strap.