Importance of Protecting Shipments

Why is strapping so important to shipments of goods, and what is strapping useful for in other applications? This is where All Strap can help out. In order to have a smooth running business, no matter what the product, every product or service available to the business is essential. For businesses who specialize in manufacturing products or sending out materials in large freight shipments, strapping can be easily overlooked, but is an essential part of commerce which involves getting goods from point a to point b, and sometimes beyond. Without strapping, how would a large stack of lumber, bricks, or boxes stay put on the truck or barge? Simply put, strapping keeps things together, and when shipments all stay together because the correct methods of binding and strapping are used, that’s always good for business.

Strapping from All Strap is easy to procure, as it’s sold in bulk, along with other shipping essentials such as strap tensioners, seals buckles, hand tools, automated hand tools for strapping and tensioning, tools for metal strapping, and other accessories such as strap dispensers. All of these materials for shipping, along with all types of strapping are available in one convenient location online at All Strap.

Many different types of strapping and shipping materials are available, such as polyester strapping which can be used for lighter duty applications, and nylon strapping with its growing versatility can be used in both heavy duty commercial shipments and shipments which require a softer material. Steel strapping is one of the oldest used and proven materials to bind rough industrial type materials because it is extremely strong. Woven cord strapping is a very economical method when shipping lighter goods. There are specialty strapping materials available as well for jobs which require bindings such as zinc epoxy, coated, or punched steel.

CC89 1 Inch Composite Cord Strapping