Strapping, An Important Part of Shipping

What is strapping? For businesses with shipping needs for large quantities of raw materials, manufactured goods, textiles, containers, building materials, heavy equipment, you name it, All Strap can cover all of your strapping needs, and can be found with a few clicks all in one convenient location online. So, what is strapping? Strapping is a part of shipping that seems so exceedingly simple that it may be something that is overlooked by the average consumer, but when you work in an industry which does a lot of heavy shipping, strapping is really an essential part of every day commerce.

Strapping is manufactured in many different forms for a variety of usages and applications. Most commonly, it’s used to hold together large pallets full of goods to be shipped. If your company ships multiple sets of items in large shipments anywhere that requires bundling, binding, or mass freight, you’ll need to know about strapping. All Strap has many products available in many different materials to help with your strapping and shipping needs, as well as accessories to accommodate. Straps are manufactured in steel, stainless, nylon, polypropylene, cord, and other materials to suit the needs of the business and the products being shipped. Along with strapping, many techniques are used to tense and bind the straps, which are very important to the shipping process as well. Straps can be manually ratcheted by means of a tension tool, or there are automated, battery operated tools available as well. There are, of course, differences in tension methods, depending on the size of the strapping job, and materials used. Businesses are encouraged to use whatever method is most economical for the shipments. Hand tensioning is fine for companies who don’t ship often, but for those who have frequent or large shipments, it is usually wise to invest in a quality automated tensioning tool to increase efficiency of strapping and shipping.

Whatever your strapping and shipping needs, All Strap is ready when you are!

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